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Cactus Factory: The story f Tansy Tuttletin and her magical cactus...more...

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About the book:
No matter what Tansy Tuttletin faces, she never gives up. When Mrs. Tuttletin.s employer, the town.s yarn factory, faces closure, Tansy searches for odd jobs. When cabbage soup is all there is to eat, she wheels her wagon full of little red plant pots door to door. When a notorious burglar threatens to steal the silver sugar bowl Mr. Tuttletin left Tansy and her mother, she meets the danger head-on. Will her good spirits and can-do attitude pay off? Perhaps, with a little help from the .cactus factory.. Cactus Factory is sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, and all the time good reading fun for children 12 and under. With something for everyone, parents, grandparents, and teachers will enjoy reading this chapter book out loud to little ones, or reading along with early and middle grade readers.

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